In this guide, we'll look at how authentication works in our boilerplate. This section details how user requests are authenticated. BoiledSaaS user authentication is built ontop of Supabase, we provide the following features out of the box: email verification, forgot password and billing.

User Registration

By default users must signup and be logged in to purchase a subscription. Multiple login providers are avaialble however, Google signin is the default selection. Users can login and signup through the /login route.

Adding Login Providers

Supabase supports a range of social login providers to ensure your users can login as easily as possible. By default we've enabled Google for you but let's have a look at how to add more.

  1. Navigate to and enable your provider of choice.
  2. Follow the provided Supabase documentation to retreive the private key of the login provider.
  3. Add the provider to your project: